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Archive for January 2018

How does a hormone consultation actually work?

First Appointment Our first session will be about 2 hours in which I will ask you a lot of questions regarding your symptoms, lifestyle and habits. I will explain to you which Hormone Test is apropriate for your symptoms and together we order the test kit online. After a few days you will receive the…

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Is Reflexology Voodoo?

How does a reflexology massage work? My patients are always amazed at how healing and relaxing the pressure and massaging of the reflex zones on the foot are. Sleeping disorders or indigestion are gone as if by magic, I often hear from clients. Well, not by magic, it was not a voodoo, it was my…

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What is Cranio-Sacral-Therapy? Cranio-Sacral-Therapy (from the Latin cranium: skull: sacral: the sacrum) is an alternative medical treatment that has evolved from osteopathy. It is a manual procedure in which handgrips predominantly in the area of ​​the skull, the neck, the upper body, the spine, the sacrum, the diaphragm, the pelvis and the feet are used.…

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Phytotherapy – What is it?

Phytotherapy Phytotherapy is the knowledge about the use of medicinal plants as a medicine and considered one of the oldest and most important therapies. Used are not only the isolated active ingredients but also whole plants or part of plants (flowers, leaves, barks, roots, seeds) The main active ingredient determines the medical field of application.…

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