Is Reflexology Voodoo?

How does a reflexology massage work? My patients are always amazed at how healing and relaxing the pressure and massaging of the reflex zones on the foot are. Sleeping disorders or indigestion are gone as if by magic, I often hear from clients. Well, not by magic, it was not a voodoo, it was my hands that treated their feet & whole system according to ancient tradition.


The tradition goes back to the “Ancient Egyptians”, who already realized that pressing certain areas has a healing effect. This traditional knowledge then spread throughout the globe and came in the 50s through England in the German-speaking countries. In the meantime, there are many specialist clinics that have successfully used reflexology work on feet for therapeutic and preventive reasons.

How it works

Each organ has a corresponding zone at the foot. At these points on the foot are over 7000 nerve tracts that are connected to an organ or a specific area of the body. This organ can now be activated or sedated via these nerve tracts. It acts on the organ directly or on our autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the system that can panic or relax us. Through this regulatory system, foot-nervous system-organ system, recovery is activated. One can actually perceive the reaction of the foot, which indicates the organ or system in which there are problems and activate self-healing forces through certain pressure and massage techniques.

When to use

  • headaches, migranes, jaw problemss
  • sleep disorder, indigestion, menstrual cramps, high blood pressure
  • allergies and chronic diseases
  • post cancer treatment, depression and anxiety and many more….



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