How does a hormone consultation actually work?

First Appointment

Our first session will be about 2 hours in which I will ask you a lot of questions regarding your symptoms, lifestyle and habits. I will explain to you which Hormone Test is apropriate for your symptoms and together we order the test kit online. After a few days you will receive the test kit and the test instructions on how to take the saliva sample.  You do the test at home in your own time and mail the sample to the laboratory.  Both of us will receive the test results via Email.

Second Appointment

In. the next sessiom I will explain to you how your test results match your hormone values and I will give you a therapy plan. We will order at a specialized pharmacy the cremes  and homeopathic remedies and I will give you more dietary suggestions.. Because even our food can stimulate the body’s own hormone production. As for example a Testosterone deficiency can be balanced with sportive activities combined with food. You could add some Macca Powder over your Muesli or add to your smoothy every morning. Small adjustments like that could already help increase the testosterone level and balance the body.

After 6 to 8 weeks

After  6 to 8 weeks we will check the hormone level again and usually the hormones are in balance or in the right direction. Together we decide on possible dosage adjustments and more nutritional tricks to increase your well being. It is very importatn to stimulate the body’s own hormone production with creams and homeopathic remedies only for a short period of time. Once the goal has been achieved it is important stop supplementing, so that the body can take over again.


During the whole process I will be reachable for you via phone or Email. I am happy to assist with any questions you may have. For most complaints there is a speedy recovery. There are usually only 2 or 3 appointments necessary to regulate the hormones.

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