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Good news for all with depression

What is an amino acid? It sounds too good to be true, but an amino acid called tryptophan can actually relieve depression. How does it work, and what is an amino acid (AA)? Proteins consist of many amino acids. So they are naturally in the body. In our DNA is written, how the individual amino…

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Vitamin D deficiency – a mass phenomenon

Research Vitamin D deficiency is common today and is a major cause of illness in many people. The scientist William B Grant, PhD, author of many scientific articles on Vitamin D and founder of the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center, has shown that the optimal vitamin D level in is above 40ng/dl. This is…

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Hormones in saliva- Hormone Consultation in Zurich

Why Hormones are tested in saliva? Hormone control the human body and its functions every second  of life: reproducion growth digestion metabolism immune system and much more The fine coordination between the different hormones is of great importance. Is something going wrong here and the body gets into a dysbalance you will feel very quickly…

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Hormone Dysbalance or High Cholesterol

Cholesterol – main basic substance for all hormones Cholesterol (HDL/LDL) is an important basic substance for hormone synthesis. Therefore you should also think about your hormone level if your cholesterol  is  above 200mg/dl. It may be useful for the body to produce a lot of cholesterol as it may be needed for hormone synthesis. Through…

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