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Good news for all with depression

What is an amino acid? It sounds too good to be true, but an amino acid called tryptophan can actually relieve depression. How does it work, and what is an amino acid (AA)? Proteins consist of many amino acids. So they are naturally in the body. In our DNA is written, how the individual amino…

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Vitamin D deficiency – a mass phenomenon

Research Vitamin D deficiency is common today and is a major cause of illness in many people. The scientist William B Grant, PhD, author of many scientific articles on Vitamin D and founder of the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center, has shown that the optimal vitamin D level in is above 40ng/dl. This is…

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Green Energizer – Magnesium Boost – Supercharge Me

GREEN ENERGIZER – SUPERCHARGE ME is easy and affordabel to make, it is well balanced with Magnesium, lots of fibre, carbohydrates, Protein and vitamines. It is great for the start of the day or as a “pick me up” drink later on. INGREDIENTS 1 apple 1 banana handful of kale handful of spinach 2 tsp of…

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Nutritional Therapy – Your food should be your remedy

Hippocrates of Kos Already said “Your food should be remedies and your remedies should be food!” How is this to be implemented today? With an unmanageable amount of dietary forms and nutritional guidelines, one can be quickly overwhelmed. What is healthy? Vegetarian, vegan, organic or regional? For me, holistic nutritional advise means to advise you…

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