Craniosacral therapy is a manual treatment that developed in the USA in the first half of the 20th century from osteopathy.

It is based on the work with the craniosacral rhythm, which is reflected in the pulsation of the brain and spinal fluid.

The spinal fluid feeds, moves and protects the nervous system – from the skull (cranium) to the sacrum.

Cranio-Sacral therapists can sense the quality of the rhythmic movements and can harmonize them.

The aim is to relieve tensions, pain or movement restrictions, so that the immune system is strengthened and the vital functions stabilized.

Craniosacral therapists work holistically and with great care – on the physical and emotional level. The treatment is based on the state of health and the self-healing powers of the patient.

A linguistic accompaniment of the manual treatment supports the self-awareness and can offer the emotional processes space and and great support.