Reduce your toxic exporsure

Is DETOX really possible? Sure, here are some easy tips: 🌸

Heal your gut first, since a good microbiom will help the body to deal with toxins. 🌸

Remove amalgam filling and remove teeth with root canals. Those are dead teeth and produce a poison that is linked to MS and cancer. 🌸

Mercury from fillings is linked to brain and neurological issues, ADHS, autism, Lyme disease, Demenzia just to name a few. 🌸

Household chemicals – yes! 🌸

Cosmetics may contain xenohormones which mimic estrogens activity on the body and lead to hormoneimbalance mostly estrogens dominance which is linked to breast cancer. 🌸

Reduce WIFi and turn off at night.
WIFI exposure reduces our melatonin production in the brain. Melatonin is the Hormone that protects the brain and it’s functions. If Melatonin is reduced the cell membrane is likely to let in viruses and bacteria. Which means our immune system is down.

This is just to name a few things you could consider. 🌸

I use a lot of Chlorella supplement as a binder and depending on what toxin I want to flush out of my body I use a specific herbal remedy. Each toxin has a natural counterpart that can be used to detox our body. 🌸

Isn’t that great? nature works!!! Wishing you a lovely day and stay healthy!

Warmly, Yvette xoxo 💕🌸💕

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