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Archive for February 2018

Hormone Dysbalance or High Cholesterol

Cholesterol – main basic substance for all hormones Cholesterol (HDL/LDL) is an important basic substance for hormone synthesis. Therefore you should also think about your hormone level if your cholesterol  is  above 200mg/dl. It may be useful for the body to produce a lot of cholesterol as it may be needed for hormone synthesis. Through…

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Green Energizer – Magnesium Boost – Supercharge Me

GREEN ENERGIZER – SUPERCHARGE ME is easy and affordabel to make, it is well balanced with Magnesium, lots of fibre, carbohydrates, Protein and vitamines. It is great for the start of the day or as a “pick me up” drink later on. INGREDIENTS 1 apple 1 banana handful of kale handful of spinach 2 tsp of…

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Nutritional Therapy – Your food should be your remedy

Hippocrates of Kos Already said “Your food should be remedies and your remedies should be food!” How is this to be implemented today? With an unmanageable amount of dietary forms and nutritional guidelines, one can be quickly overwhelmed. What is healthy? Vegetarian, vegan, organic or regional? For me, holistic nutritional advise means to advise you…

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